APA 7th Referencing Guide — Books with Three or More Authors

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APA Referencing Guide — Books with three or more authors


  • The in-text citation for a work with 3 or more authors includes only the first author followed by et al. and the year.
Format and order
  • Authors (family name, comma followed by initials, with full stop and space after each initial)
  • (Year of publication). (in round brackets, followed by full stop)
  • Title. (in italics, followed by full stop unless including edition)
  • (Edition number ed.). (in round brackets, followed by full stop)
  • Publisher. (followed by full stop)
  • DOI or URL (for ebooks only)
In-text citation

The chapter on sedimentation considers "forces acting on an isolated particle moving relative to a fluid" (Richardson et al., 2002, p. 237).

Reference list

Richardson, J. F., Harker, J. H., Backhurst, J. R., & Coulson, J. M. (2002). Coulson and Richardson's chemical engineering: Particle technology and separation processes (5th ed.). Butterworth-Heinemann.

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