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Important Notice

Last updated on 24 September 2020 at 12:15

Library Access

We are pleased to announce that the Library reopened on Monday 10th August 2020. Here are the full details of the service available, and guidelines for safe use. The team has been working hard to ensure everything is ready for safe use of the space and is looking forward to welcoming you.

We have produced some 3D visualisations of the Library and other public areas to show you how the layout has changed and the new measures that are in place. Please use the links below to view these:

Library reopening FAQs

From Monday 21st September, opening hours will be:

  • Mon-Thu: 8.30am-10pm
  • Fri: 9am-8pm
  • Sat-Sun: 1pm-5pm

The Library will be open on a self-service basis after 5pm on weekdays, and on weekends.

The 24/7 Computer Suite will not be open for 24 hours a day. It will be open for the same hours as the Main Library.

Please see our Opening Hours page for the most up-to-date information on open and staffed hours.

How are you keeping everyone safe in the Library?

We have been working hard to put measures in place to enable safe use of the Library. This includes:

  • Hand sanitisers at the entrance (and exit) to the Library, and at the entrance to each Library floor
  • Limiting occupancy, and rearranging furniture to enable social distancing
  • Self-clean sanitisation stations around the library
  • A one-way system around the library to avoid congestion in stairwells or narrow aisles
  • Perspex screens at the front-line service points
  • A quarantine system for returned items

Can I visit the Library even if I'm not on campus for timetabled activities?

In line with the University's guidance, you should try to combine visits to the Library with other activities on campus, to minimise the number of repeated trips. However if you do need to visit the Library when you don't have other activities scheduled, you are welcome to do so.

If you need to use a computer you will need to book online, but if you just need to borrow/return items and/or use a study space without a computer (e.g. with your own laptop) then you do not need to book in advance.

Can I study in the Library?

Yes, study spaces and computers are available. To enable social distancing, there is a maximum occupancy limit of 400 users allowed in the Library at any one time. Some desks/computers will be out of use to ensure people can stay a safe distance apart. This is to allow everyone to use the library safely, so please do not rearrange the furniture.

Please be considerate of others while studying in the Library. Please wash and/or sanitise your hands regularly, and sanitise the desk, computer and keyboard you are using before and after use.

How long can I stay in the Library for?

For now there is no time limit. We have had to reduce the seating in the Library to aid social distancing and the maximum capacity is now 400. We will monitor the number of people using the Library at any particular time.

Will I need to book a computer?

As the number of computers in the library has been reduced to facilitate social distancing, we have introduced an online booking system so you can reserve a computer in the library.

There will be a small number of computers available to use without booking, but if you want to make sure there is a computer available for you, you are advised to book. Computers can be booked up to one week in advance.

Further information about this service is available on HudHelp.

Can I use the bookable study rooms?

They are still bookable online, but occupancy is limited. To enable social distancing, they have a maximum capacity of 1 or 2. Maximum occupancy is clearly displayed upon booking and on the room door.

Group study rooms can be pre-booked for up to two hours. You can make one booking per day, and up to three per week.

Will I have to wear a mask?

You will need to wear a face covering inside the building, unless exempt according to government guidance.

Will I be able to eat and drink in the Library?

For hygiene and to limit the possibility of infection, the water dispensers across campus have been disabled. You are welcome to bring in bottled drinks but you will not be able to refill them in the Library.

Scholars' Rest is closed, as it is not large enough to accommodate people in a socially-distanced way. Therefore you will not be able to eat in the Library.

Are the printers and scanners available?

Printers and scanners are available as normal. Please wash and/or sanitise your hands before and after using the printers.

Will I be able to browse and borrow books?

Yes, you are welcome to browse the shelves and borrow books. Please wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling books and avoid touching anything you don't intend to borrow. Remember that you can search Summon before visiting the library, to identify useful books in advance and reduce the amount of time you need to spend searching the shelves.

If you do pick up a book that you don't then borrow, please leave it on the "touched but not taken" trolleys around the library, so they can be quarantined before reshelving.

All books will be quarantined for 72 hours once returned. This is in line with scientific advice regarding how long the virus can survive on paper.

Can I request an item that someone else has on loan?

If you need a book and all copies are on loan, please use the "Request" option in Summon (see this short video for instructions). Please note that all books have to be quarantined for three days once they are returned, in line with scientific guidance regarding how long coronavirus can survive on paper, so it may take longer than usual to obtain a requested book.

If you need help finding alternative or digital sources to use in the meantime, please contact .

A book I have on loan has been requested, but I can't get to the Library to return it. Will I be fined if I don't return it on time?

If you have an item which is due back but you are unable to travel to campus (e.g. if you are self-isolating due to coronavirus symptoms) please contact the library as soon as possible so we can advise.

Remember that if no one has requested the book you have, it will auto-renew every day – so you won't need to return it until you are finished with it. If you want to check if any of your items have been requested, you can always see this on your library account.

I need a book and can't get to the Library. Can you post it to me?

You can request any book that is available in the library using our door-to-door service. There is a small charge for this service.

Can I borrow a laptop?

Laptops are available to borrow from the lockers outside the library entrance and in the 24/7 labs, during opening hours. When the library is closed the building will be locked so it will not be possible to borrow or return laptops outside of opening hours. Laptop loan periods have been extended, so you can now borrow a laptop for up to seven days at a time.

When a laptop is returned, it will not be immediately available again because it will need to be quarantined and cleaned. This may mean that you will have to wait a little longer for a machine. You can check how many laptops are available to borrow on our computer and laptop availability page before you travel to campus.

Can I still get help with Library and IT queries?

You will be able to get face-to-face support at the Library Help Desk between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday, and you can also access IT Support via 01484 473737 on a 24/7 basis.

You will also be able to find answers to commonly asked questions on HudHelp.

If you need help with your research, literature searching or referencing, please send your queries to our librarians via , or use the online form in HudHelp to book a one-to-one appointment via phone or video call.

I'm a member of teaching staff. Can I order books/update my reading lists?

Yes, we are ordering books as normal. When ordering new books, we are prioritising items available electronically. These should be available online within a few days of ordering. We are still ordering print items as well, but these may take longer to arrive due to ongoing COVID-safe precautions both on campus and from our supplier.

I'm an external member/member of the public/SCONUL user. Can I still use the library?

As we need to limit how many people can use the library at once, we are currently closed to public, external, alumni and SCONUL members. For further information please see our page on Public Access to Computing and Library Facilities.

How can I keep in touch with the library?

We are keeping all of our social media channels up to date with news, developments, and tips for studying remotely. Follow us to see the latest news, we are @hudlib on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

We also have useful videos on studying, literature searching, using Summon and more on our YouTube channel.

Please use HudHelp to find answers to other commonly-asked questions and to request support.


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