APA 7th Referencing Guide — Computer Code

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APA Referencing Guide — Computer code


  • If you are writing code for your assignments you must cite and reference anything you have copied or adapted from elsewhere, even if it is open source.
  • Also include a note in the code, to indicate where any extracts/ examples/ application programming interfaces (APIs) etc. are being used, and where the original came from. That way, if the code is separated from the report, you have still clearly identified anything that is not your own original work, e.g.

* A utility class that gives applets the ability to detect proxy host settings.
*This was adapted from a post from Chris Forster on 20030227 to a Sun Java
*forum here:

In-text citation
Code taken from a book:

(code adapted from Torjo, 2013, pp. 86-87).

Code taken from GitHub:

(code based on Toshinori, 2015)

Reference list

Torjo, J. (2013). C++ network programming. Packt.

Toshinori, S. (2015). Neologism dictionary based on the language resources on the web for MeCab. GitHub. https://github.com/neologd/mecab-ipadic-neologd

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Computer code

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