APA 6th Referencing Guide — Digimap Environment

University of Huddersfield

APA Referencing Guide — Digimap Environment

Format and order
  • Producer. (followed by full stop)
  • (Date of publication). (in round brackets, followed by full stop)
  • Title. (e.g. location of map, for example the town or street name)
  • [Map]. (in square brackets, followed by full stop)
  • Product name. (followed by full stop)
  • Retrieved from URL
In-text citation

Using the map of Huddersfield (Fig. 4.), which was produced using data from the Centre of Ecology and Hydrology (2015), you can see a large proportion of ‘improved grassland' surrounding Huddersfield.

Reference list

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. (2015). Huddersfield [Map]. Land cover.

Retrieved from https://digimap.edina.ac.uk/roam/map/environment

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