24/7 Suite

University of Huddersfield

24/7 Suite

24/7 Suite

Located on the left, past the Amazon Lockers on Floor 4 of the Schwann Building, the 24/7 Suite Currently comprises 2 rooms

image of map showing route to 24/7 computer suite image of 24/7 computer suite entrance

SB 5/07

A SILENT Study Room with 6 ordinary study desks, 8 Apple Macs and 12 PCs

(No food and only drinks in lidded containers)

image of room SB 5/07

SB 5/08

A QUIET Study Room with 2 Apple Macs and 30 PCs

3 vending machines for Snacks and Hot and Cold drinks

image of room SB 5/08

Both rooms have one adjustable height workstation and a Multi-functional Device (Copier/Printer/Scanner)


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