What to do if the full-text link fails?

Although we’re always working hard in the background to try and ensure you can get easy, simple and quick access to the full-text of journal articles via Summon, we can’t guarantee it will work all of the time — with access to over 34 million articles, it would take library staff years* to check them all.

If you click on a link and you’re not able to get the full-text, there are a couple of things you can do…

1. Check to see if you can access the full-text from somewhere else

If you’ve clicked on a result in Summon, you might see something like this if the link to the full-text isn’t working:

At the top of the page, check to see if it says No full-text? Look for more sources or report a problem. If it does, click on the more sources link:

The “Article Linker” page should appear and you can check to see if the full-text is available elsewhere — in this particular case, the article is also available on two other sites:

2. Let us know so we can fix the problem

Since we have access to so many journal articles, we don’t always know when something isn’t working properly. It only takes a few seconds to report a problem and we’ll endeavour to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

On every “Article Linker” page you’ll find a “report a problem” link in the “Need Help?” section. Just click on that link, add a short description of the problem (e.g. “full text doesn’t work”) and then click submit:

Don’t forgot to include your email address is you’d like a reply!

* if we checked 1 article every second for 12 hours a day, it would take well over 2 years to check them all :-S

Where’s the “article” link?

Unfortunately, not every journal publisher supports the ability to link directly to the full-text page for an article. Occasionally this is for licensing reasons (e.g. Harvard Business Review), but usually it’s for technical reasons (e.g. the journal web site doesn’t have stable URLs for articles).

For those journals, you’ll normally need to click on the “Journal” link (shown in the image below) to get to the journal page on the publisher’s site and then browse to the relevant volume/issue to find the article.

To try and make it easier for you to get to the article, we’re currently experimenting with a “Search for the full-text” link for some journals…

…clicking on the link will initiate a search for the article on the publisher site…

At present, the “Search for the full-text” links should appear for LexisNexis journals and for some EBSCOhost journals, and, from the testing we’ve done, the links seem to work most of the time.

As always, if you’ve got any comments or suggestions, please let us know!