Resource Trials for History

We have some trials running for databases for History:

  • Archives Unbound (Holocaust and Nazi collections) includes: Conditions & Politics in Occupied Western Europe, 1940-1945; Holocaust and the Concentration Camp Trials: Prosecution of Nazi War Crimes; Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees: The West’s Response to Jewish Emigration; Nazi Bank and Financial Institutions: U.S. Military Government Investigation Reports and Interrogations of Nazi Financiers, 1945-1949; and, Post-War Europe: Refugees, Exile and Resettlement, 1945-1950.
  • US. Declassified Documents Online:  Access to more than 750,000 pages of US government documents. Covering major policy issues from the period before the Second World War into the twenty first century, the archive serves as a convenient source for documents from government departments including Defense; State; Treasury; CIA; and the White House. USDDO supports the study of history, politics, international relations, and journalism, among other fields.
  • Smithsonian: Evolution of Flight:

    A result of Gale’s partnership to create searchable archives of the Smithsonian’s vast collections, this resource combines rare 19th and 20th century archival materials on topics such as the evolving modes of flight, World’s Fairs, and trade literature, with recent and backfile issues of Smithsonian Magazine and Air & Space Magazine.

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