ProQuest Newsstand (resolved)

We’re currently experiencing problems linking to some newspaper articles on the ProQuest Newsstand resource from Summon:

We’re expecting this issue to be fully resolved by the next update to Summon, which is scheduled for Oct 20th Nov 3rd Nov 14th.

Until then, the quickest workaround is to click on the “Look Up Citation form” link…

…copy and paste the article title into the “Document title” search box and then click on the orange “Search” button…

…and the required article should appear in the results…

Until we’re able to fully resolve the problem, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this is causing.

4 thoughts on “ProQuest Newsstand (resolved)”

  1. Serials Solutions, the company who develop Summon, have just contacted me to say that the linking fix has been delayed and it will now Nov 3rd before the problem is fully resolved.

    Once again, please accept our apologies for this and we’re obviously disappointed about this further delay in fixing the issue.

  2. I’m extremely pleased to report that the problems with ProQuest Newsstand have now been fully resolved!

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