Summon: book glitches (resolved)

We’re experiencing a couple of glitches with books and ebooks on Summon at the moment. Serials Solutions is aware of the problems and is working to resolve them.

Firstly, selecting the “eBook” content type returns both ebooks and some print books. A temporary fix is to also select the “Items with full text online” option.

Secondly, sorting books by “Date (newest)” or “Date (oldest)” isn’t working correctly.

4 thoughts on “Summon: book glitches (resolved)”

  1. We’re expecting the first glitch to be resolved tonight with a change to the way Summon handles books and ebooks.

  2. Apologies — the date for the fix has been delayed. I’ll let you know as soon as we have a new date for these two problems to be resolved.

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