APA Referencing Guide — UniTube Programme

University of Huddersfield

APA Referencing Guide — UniTube programme

In-text Reference Reference List
  • The primary contributor is the main author
  • If no primary contributor can be found, cite the title of the programme (in italics).
  • Primary contributor(s) (e.g. Writer, presenter, director or producer)
  • Year of release (in round brackets) followed by a full stop
  • Programme title (in italics)
  • Streaming video file [in square brackets] followed by a full stop
  • Retrieved from http://www.xxxxx

Olusoga (2011), in the programme Abraham Lincoln: saint or sinner investigates...

Olusoga, D. (Director & Producer). (2011). Abraham Lincoln: saint or sinner? [Streaming video file]. Retrieved from https://unitube.hud.ac.uk/

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