APA 6th Referencing Guide — Tables/graphs and Figures

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APA Referencing Guide — Tables/graphs and figures

Tables/graphs and figures referencing guide (PDF download).


  • All tables/ figures should be numbered so you can refer to them in your work.
  • They should all have a descriptive title and the citation should refer to the original source (e.g. book, website, journal)
  • The original source is include in the reference list.
Format and order
  • Use the format and order of the source in which you found the table/ graph/ figure. See relevant section of this guide. The example below is from an ebook (see section 2.6).
In-text citation
image of a table showing data

Table 4. Thermodynamic data (Capper, 2004, p. 562)

Reference list

Capper, P. (1994). Properties of narrow gap cadmium-based compounds. Retrieved from https://app.knovel.com/

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