APA Referencing Guide — Sound Recording

University of Huddersfield

APA Referencing Guide — Sound recording

In-text Reference Reference List
  • The composer/artist/group is cited as the author
  • Reference to composer/artist in text, just give copyright year in brackets after their name
  • No reference to composer/artist in text, include composer/artist and date in brackets.
  • Composer/Artist/Group
  • Copyright year (in round brackets) followed by a full stop
  • Title of the album (in italics)
  • Recorded by (insert subsidiary contributor e.g. conductor, soloist [in square brackets] in the format A. A. Musician)
  • Medium [in square brackets] followed by a full stop
  • Location: Label
  • For a single track, insert title of the track after year and before title of the album.

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