APA 6th Referencing Guide — Published Interviews

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APA Referencing Guide — Published interviews

Format and order
  • Interviewee (family name, comma followed by initials, with full stop and space after each initial)
  • (Date of interview). (year followed by comma, month and day, in round brackets followed by full stop)
  • Title (followed by full stop)
  • Interview with name of interviewee. (first name written in full, followed by family name, followed by full stop)
  • Interviewed by name of interviewer (first name written in full, followed by family name)
  • for
  • newspaper/ magazine, title of broadcast (in italics, followed by comma)
  • Page number. (use page abbreviations, followed by full stop)
In-text citation

… A fascinating interview with Lisa Brennan-Jobs (2018).

Reference list

Brennan-Jobs, L. (2018, September 1). Apple of his eye: Lisa Brennan-Jobs talks to Emma Brockes about a lifetime spent in her father's shadow. Interview with Lisa Brennan-Jobs. Interviewed by Emma Brockes for The Guardian, pp.14-21.

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Published Interview

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