APA Referencing Guide — Company Report: Print Version

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APA Referencing Guide — Company report: print version

In-text Reference Reference List
  • Reference to author in text, include the year of publication in brackets after their name
  • No reference to author in text, include author/date in brackets.
  • Author(s) in format: Surname, Initial/s, or name of company followed by a full stop
  • Year of publication (in round brackets) followed by a full stop
  • Title of report (in italics) followed by a full stop
  • Place of publication: Publisher
  • Note that when the author is the publisher, the word Author is used.
  • If accessed online, add Retrieved from http://xxxxx in place of the Publisher details.

"Improvements in product quality and style were welcomed by our customers" (Marks and Spencer, 2013, p. 3).

Marks and Spencer. (2013). Only at your M&S annual report and financial statements 2014. London, England: Author.

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