APA 7th Referencing Guide — Patent

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APA Referencing Guide — Patent


  • The patent number is a unique identifying code given to every patent.
  • The year refers to the year the patent was issued, not the year for which it was applied.
Format and order
  • Inventor (family name followed by initials, with full stop and space after each initial)
  • (Year patent issued). (in round brackets, followed by full stop)
  • Title (in italics)
  • (Patent No.). (insert number, in round brackets, followed by full stop)
  • Issuing office. (followed by full stop)
  • URL
In-text citation

The new cleaning device for hearing aids invented by Jose (2017)…

Reference list

Jose, G. (2017). Device for cleaning a hearing aid (Patent No. WO 2017/137695 A1). European Patent Office. https://worldwide.espacenet.com

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