APA 7th Referencing Guide — Illustration /Image/ Photograph from Online Collection

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APA Referencing Guide — Illustration /image/ photograph from online collection


  • This includes referencing an image from an online collection, e.g. Flickr, Tumblr or Pinterest. For Instagram see section 17.3 of this guide.
  • If including the image in your work, use the following layout and reference the website underneath as you would a direct quote.

image of Lava the sled dog

Figure 4. My weekend with the dogs! (Κλενγελ, 2013)

Format and order
  • Artist(s)/ photographer(s)/ organisation(s) (family name, comma followed by initials, with full stop and space after each initial OR organisation, followed by full stop)
  • (Year of creation). (in round brackets followed by full stop)
  • Title of the illustration or photograph/ collection (in italics)
  • [Description of format]. (e.g. online image, watercolour painting, in square brackets followed by full stop)
  • Add name of source (website)/ collection (followed by full stop)
  • URL (if online and shorten URL if appropriate)
In-text citation

Figure 4. My weekend with the dogs! (Κλενγελ, 2013)

…this historical event, depicted by Record Press (1912).

Reference list

Κλενγελ, R. (2013). My weekend with the dogs! [Photograph]. Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/klengel/32276691754/

Record Press. (1912). Christabel and Emmeline Pankhurst in Paris [Photograph]. The Women's Library: Suffrage Collection. https://vads.ac.uk/large.php?uid=184549&sos=0

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Illustration from online collection

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