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Project Blogs

The following are archives of project blogs:

EBEAM Project

EBEAM will evaluate the impact of e-assessment and feedback on student satisfaction, retention, progression and attainment as well as on institutional efficiency.

HHuLO Access

The HHuLOA project is a two year Jisc supported project from the Universities of Hull, Huddersfield and Lincoln that will examine the role of open access in furthering the development of research at the partner institutions.

HIKE Project (Huddersfield, Intota, KB+ Evaluation)

JISC funded project to evaluate Intota (Serials Solutions) and KnowledgeBase+ (JISC).

Huddersfield Open Access Publishing (HOAP)

This project aims to develop a platform using EPrints software as a low cost, sustainable method to convert the University journal, Teaching in Lifelong Learning, from its existing model of a print subscription journal to an open access e-journal with a print-on-demand option.

Library Impact Data Project (LIDP)

JISC funded project to investigate the correlation between library usage and student attainment.


Open Access Workflows for Academic Librarians.

Summon4HN Project

JISC funded project documenting the implementation of Summon at the University of Huddersfield and Northumbria.


Techniques for Electronic Resource Management.

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