Library Renewal and Fees FAQ

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Library Renewal and Fees FAQ

What are automatic renewals?

When you borrow an item the library will automatically renew it for you until it is requested by another member or the item is returned.

What would cause me to have a fee?

If someone else needs an item that you have on loan and has requested it via Summon, you will get an email letting you know that it will not be renewed and you'll have 7 days to return it. If you don't return it in those 7 days you'll be charged a fee and you will not be permitted to borrow any further items.

If you can't return the item for a legitimate reason, please contact the Help Desk on 01484 473830 as soon as possible.

How will I know if an item I have on loan has been requested?

You will receive an email to your university email address, you will have 7 days from then to return the item. It is really important to check your emails regularly.

What happens if I still need it?

If you need the item again, you can also request it via Summon, but you'll have to wait your turn.

How much is the fee if I fail to return a requested item within 7 days?

£2.50 per item per day to a maximum of £35. Also, if you fail to return a requested item within 14 days you will be sent an invoice for the fines and the replacement cost of the item and you will not be permitted to borrow any further items.

What happens if my item is requested but someone else returns their copy before me? Do I get to keep it for longer?

If another copy of the title is returned by someone else within 7 days, then your item will be renewed. However, if your item remains requested after 7 days then it will become overdue and fines will be incurred until the item is returned or the maximum fines are reached (£35).

What happens if I have lost an item?

You will have to pay the replacement cost of the item. If you have accrued any fees on that item you will have to pay those too.

So, if you have lost an item make sure you tell us as soon as possible by contacting the Help Desk on 01484 473830.

All the books I need are on loan

If all copies of book you need are out on loan then you must remember to place a request, this will stop them being automatically renewed. You can place a request via Summon. You may also want to use an e-book (where available) while you wait for the print to be returned.

How many times will my items automatically renew?

Your items will continue to renew until someone else requests them or the items are returned.

Will my library account be locked if I have fees?

As with the current system you will not be able to borrow any further items once you have accrued £10 in fees. You will then have to pay all or part of it off (until it is below £10) to be able to borrow items again. Further borrowing is not permitted if you fail to return a requested item within 7 days.

What happens during holiday times?

We recommend that if you are going away, you return your items before you leave or be prepared to send them back to us via post should they be requested by another member.

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