Disability Support

University of Huddersfield

Disability Support

These pages give an overview of support available for disabled people at the University of Huddersfield Library. We offer a welcoming learning environment and friendly staff, who are always happy to help with enquiries.

Library Disability Support Advisor

Katherine Coussement is the Library Disability Support Advisor. She is based on floor 4 (the ground floor) and can arrange any practical help and support that you may need when using the Computing and Library Centre.

Library disability support advisor Katherine Coussement

If you are already registered with the Student Services Disability Support Service, we will contact you when we receive your Personal Learning Support Plan from Students Services Disability Support Service.

If you are not registered with Student Services, are at the beginning of the assessment process or would just like an appointment to discuss your support needs within the Library, please contact us for guidance on how to make the most of our services and facilities.

Katherine's usual working hours are Monday – Friday 09:00 -17:00.

To contact Katherine or arrange an appointment please get in touch:

We can also help you get copies of your course reading material in accessible formats. For example, converting PDFs to Word or MP3, so you can use it more easily with Read&Write or listen to it. You may also be able to convert your own documents into accessible formats using SensusAccess. For more information please see the Disability & Wellbeing webpage on accessible resources.


HudStudy offers a full support services for students and staff in the effective use of IT for studying and learning. We have a range of software to help you read, write, take notes, organise your thoughts and your work and manage your studies.

We offer bookable sessions which will provide 1-1 support for all staff and students. There are also taught courses available for both staff and students on a regular basis. Our service can be of particular use to those students who have a disability, but we are there to support everyone, and offer an inclusive service, whatever your needs. Please visit our pages to see what we can offer and how we can support you.

Collaborative groups for disability support

Computing and Library Services is a member of several collaborative groups with other Universities.

The Open Rose Group was formed in 2003 to exchange ideas and discuss policies and procedures for best practice in the provision of services to disabled library customers.

The Northern Collaboration Enabling Group was formed in March 2014 for university libraries in the North to share best practice and experience in supporting library customers with disabilities and to enable equal access to information and resources for disabled customers.

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