Copyright Advice and Guidance

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Copyright advice and guidance

Throughout your time at the University, you are likely to need to use material that is in copyright. The Library can help you do so legally and ethically.

Advice for students and researchers

Copyright applies to any original, creative work, including things made freely available online. Using limited extracts from copyright material in assignments or non-commercial research comes within the "fair dealing" exceptions to copyright legislation. This may include using images/diagrams found in books, magazines, or online. However, you must correctly attribute and cite any third-party material you use.

For more information about how copyright impacts you as a student, see the JISC copyright guide for students.

Advice for staff

You may need to use copyright material in your teaching. For example, you might give copies of recommended reading to your students, or use copyright images in your lecture slides. Most of these things will be possible, under exceptions to copyright. Or, you could use Creative Commons-licenced material. The University also holds some licences for using copyright content to support teaching and learning.

Comprehensive guidance on how to legally and ethically use copyright materials in your teaching (and how MyReading can help) is available through our online copyright guide, and on the iPark.

Further advice and guidance

If you have questions about copyright, please contact the License Coordinator, Chris Beevers:

  • 01484 472051

You may also find these resources useful:

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