How does it all work?

How it works

Diagram showing how Lemontree works

Lemontree automatically gathers information about your activities within the library when you link it to your library card.

So when you visit library, when you bring books back or even when you log in to an e-resource, your actions — provided you’ve registered with us —will register on Lemontree and earn you points!

During the week Lemontree will show your progress visually.

The more you use the library, the hotter your library card gets!

Grow your own Lemontree

How to grow your own lemontree

As you progress through your studies and use the library you will also progress through the levels in the game! Make your Lemontree grow and unlock achievements. Some of these achievements are based around the books you borrow (ie their subject areas), others are related to the time and frequency you visit the library.

You can also find your friends on Lemontree, things like checking in with them or recommending things to them earn you bonuses.

About Lemontree

Lemontree is a flavour of Librarygame™ that has been specifically customised for and licensed to the University of Huddersfield. It’s built by the guys at
Running in the Halls Ltd. (RITH) who were once students and lecturers at the University of Huddersfield and wanted to create a gamified library. Their ultimate ambition is to gamify aspects of the educational experience.

Read more about their journey at http://librarygame.tumblr.com

Your privacy

We only use your information for the purpose of facilitating the game like interactions and achievements within Lemontree, and making Lemontree function better - nothing else. Some of this information includes aggregate statistics on usage using Google Analytics, used by millions of sites worldwide.

Occasionally the system may send you critical updates, prompts and milestones via email, rest assured when we do, there will be an option to opt out very easily.

Please note

As a prototype it's likely that certain functionality will change and alter, and certain features may to be taken out or introduced during its lifetime. By using Lemontree you’re agreeing to this status. You may lose all your annotations, notes, recommendations and points, obviously we will endeavour not to let that ever happen but we need you to be aware of it.