Techniques for Electronic Resource Management

One important librarian role over the next five to ten years is to provide access to online library resources – free, open access, or purchased, all valuable resources, in an intuitive, easy to use one-stop shop, and not to be afraid of running continual beta test in which new services and functions can be added when necessary. To do this, librarians and e-resources managers need flexible, interoperable resource-discovery systems based on open source software. In addition, we must continue to assess users’ needs and reach out by adapting our systems to fit their requirements, rather than expecting them to come to us; indeed, our very future depends on it.[1]


TERMS: Techniques for Electronic Resource Management is a project started by Jill Emery, Portland State University, and Graham Stone, University of Huddersfield, to create best practices for management of electronic resources that is shared, monitored, and updated by librarians from throughout the world. We began this project a year ago by posting each TERM segment to a tumblr blog and a Facebook group page and soliciting feedback on our ideas from the library social community. For instance, Galadriel Chilton, the Collections & Discovery Librarian at the University Connecticut Libraries developed this handy glossary of e-resources terms. At the same time we also solicited for workflow documents that could be shared via a publicly open dropbox. To date, we have 20 direct followers of the blog, 138 Twitter followers, and 152 Facebook members. This site is the latest publicly available version of TERMS and is intended to be updated and edited by contributors. We will have a team of editors to review all site updates and submissions provided. Here are the six main areas for TERMS:

  1. Investigating New Content for Purchase/Addition
    EDITOR: Ann Kucera (kucer1a@cmich.edu)
  2. Acquiring New Content
    EDITOR: Nathan Hosburgh (nhosburgh@rollins.edu)
  3. Implementation
    EDITOR: Stephen Buck (stephen.buck@dcu.ie)
  4. Ongoing Evaluation and Access
    EDITOR Anita Wilcox (a.wilcox@ucc.ie)
  5. Annual Review
    EDITOR: Anna Franca (anna.franca@kcl.ac.uk)
  6. Cancellation and Replacement Review
    EDITOR: Eugenia Beh (ebeh@mit.edu)


1. Adapted from Stone, Graham (2009) Resource Discovery. In: Woodward, Hazel and Estelle, Lorraine (Eds) Digital Information: Order or anarchy? Facet, London, pp. 133-164