1.6 Integration of Open Access Process Management

As stated in section 1.1, the advocacy of open access publication should be embraced by the entire library staff and seen as part of the job responsible of all within in the organization. From subject liaisons helping with the promotion of the repository, gathering faculty CVs or publications for inclusion in the repository, and development of open access mandate or guidelines for curated selection of relevant open access publications for their subject areas. Instructional staff should work closely with faculty to insure that open access material is readily incorporated into courses both as a promotion of local scholarship but also a cost savings to the students. Acquisitions, catalogue, and technical staff will play a role in insuring access to the content and making sure that all access points are placed in library’s online catalogue or searchable from the repository in conjunction with the library’s online catalogue. In some cases, catalogue staff and acquisitions staff may be extremely helpful in assigning appropriate metadata to the institutional repository and helping with the ingestion of content to the repository. Creating a separate silo of the work processes to be accomplished with open access management by designating a new unit or individual working group within the library tends to result in both resentment from existing staff in other areas as well as suspicion about the work being performed. Thus, existing teams can apply many of their existing skills, therefore, by mainlining these work processes through existing staffing units achieves not only efficiencies of staff but also buy-in from the members of the organization overall in the management of open access endeavors within the organization

1.1 Internal Library Message on Open Access
1.2 Communication of OA Opportunities to Your Academic Community
1.3 Mandates/Policies
1.4 Promotion of Your Repository
1.5 Budgeting for Open Access Publication
1.6 Integration of Open Access Process Management


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