Project Update

Most of the development work since the last blog post has been in the background, but there’s a couple of cosmetic changes to the interface…

Reference Options

We’ve got plans for a variety of item options (e.g. bookmarking, exporting, reporting a problem, etc) and I’d been pondering where these should go. As a few people have commented that the “add note” icon wasn’t obvious, I’ve removed it and replaced it with a blue “options” icon (which might be equally as unobvious!)…

…clicking on the icon reveals a pop-up menu listing a couple of options (with more options to be added later on)…

Managing Notes

As well as being able to add and remove notes via the new pop-up options menu, I’ve also added it to the “item options” bar that appears if you have permission to edit a list…

MyReading Stats

Finally, just for a bit of fun, I’ve added a live “MyReading Stats” section to the blog and to the MyReading home page 🙂

2 thoughts on “Project Update”

  1. A couple more options added to the pop-up menu today:

    1) “report a problem” — opens up a web form for reporting any issues

    2) “permanent URL” — a link that will open the reading list and then automatically scroll down to that item (example)

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