KB+ Feedback – 3

While working on inputting the all of the licences at Huddersfield, it has come to our attention that sometimes, where we have locally agreed licences for content outside of a NESLi2 deal, there is also a NESLi2 licence with the publisher. An example would be a publisher where we have an individual e-only title and associated licence – in this case we would never enter a NESLi2 deal for the whole package.

In these cases it would be beneficial to be able to compare the two licences. If we found that NESLi2 had negotiated a better deal than our individual agreement, e.g. walk-in users, unlimited users vs. simultaneous users, it would enable us to try and negotiate a better deal during our renewal. Now we could just do that anyway – we can easily view the NESLi2 licence at the JISC Collections website, but wouldn’t it be great if we could use something like ELCAT (Electronic Licence Comparison & Analysis) to do the comparison for us? At the moment it only allows the comparison of nationally agreed licences in ONIX-PL format. Therefore we thought it would be useful to have a comparison tool within KB+ (or as an extension of ELCAT), which would allow us to compare any licence on KB+, whether nationally or individually agreed, in any format with another.

And of course it would allow JISC Collections to see if we had a better deal than NESLi2!

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