New OA life cycles for comment

We have a number of new life cycles which we welcome feedback on:

OA Life cycle for research Managers




OA life cycle for researchers




OA life cycle for publishers



In addition we have two new concepts for discussion:

OA underground map

Updated February 2016 after comments received





UK Open Access Life Cycle Diagram Dec2015 withPathfinderOutputs



Mapping pathfinder projects to the OA life cycle

One thought on “New OA life cycles for comment”

  1. I very much enjoyed your presentation of these visualisations yesterday, Graham. I think they are very helpful in terms of thinking about where we provide support and researcher workflows. They are also along similar lines to what we’ve been doing internally in our research office (separate from the Jisc project) to map research life cycles to different levels and types of support we provide.

    On the tube map, I wonder whether there should be such a strict separation between the award management “line” and the perform research/data management “line”. Here at Northumbria we like to think of post-award/grants and contracts teams supporting PIs to manage grants, so yes they do a lot of the financial administration, but they also meet regularly with PIs to ensure the PI has a handle on what is being spent and what is left to spend. Also, data management is increasingly now becoming part of the remit of research office staff (and Library) with RCUK data management requirements meaning we will undoubtedly need to be more involved here in future.

    I suppose what I’m saying is I wonder whether there could either be some dotted lines between these strands or alternatively represented in such a way as to emphasise the collaborative working/links between researchers and research managers during this part of the lifecycle.

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