Chemical Database Service – CrystalWeb and CrystalWorks out of action (resolved)

There have been problems with the backend Oracle server machine for the CDS. This means that DETHERM, Accord, CrystalWorks and CrystalWeb have experienced errors.  Problems for DETHERM and Accord have been fixed. However, problems for CrystalWeb and CrystalWorks remain.

Because of logistical issues it is unlikely that the CrystalWeb and CrystalWorks systems will be fully restored before the weekend of the 18th February.

At present searches using CrystalWeb and CrystalWorks both yield spurious null Hits Lists. Some features of CrystalWorks continue to function, but the system should not be considered reliable.

Please repeat any searches you may have attempted recently when the system has been mended. We will post details on the CDS homepage and via our Twitter link. Further details are available via the link:

Apologies for any disruption these problems are likely to cause you.