Welcome to Summon!

A warm welcome to everyone using Summon for the first time!

Summon is our new whizzy search tool for finding journals, books (both print & electronic), full-text articles, music scores, TV and radio recordings, archive material and much, much more.

Whether you’re looking for info about building brand identity in competitive markets, stroke rehabilitation in China, fluorescence and amino acids or even lolcats, you’ll find it in Summon!

…OK, maybe not actual pictures of lolcats, but you will find peer-reviewed articles about how internet memes propagate.

If you feel you need some help getting the most of out Summon, we’ve got basic and advanced PDF guides you can download.

If you run into any problems using Summon, or accessing the full-text of articles, please let us know about it and we’ll try our very best to fix it.

If you have any comments about Summon, please let us know. You can either get in touch via email or, if you have a few minutes spare, it’d be great if you could fill in a quick feedback survey 🙂

If you’re a returning student and you were used to MetaLib, we hope you’ll find that Summon is much easier and quicker to use.

If you’re used to using a particular database (e.g. Mintel Reports or Cochrane), then you’ll find links to those resources in Summon, or you can find them via our list of resources by subject.

And finally, if you have a list of favourite journals (e.g. Surgical endoscopy), you’ll find articles from that journal, alongside links to the journal home page, in Summon. Alternatively, you can view our complete list of journals.

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  1. As a new student to Huddersfield University can I expect to receive an Athens account. Or does Summon provide all the necessary access to such sites as Science Direct etc.


    Lloyd Wallngton

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